County of Halvmåne - Chronicles of Elyria

County Infrastructure

The purpose of a County is to create, implement, and maintain the infrastructure of the Kingdom. Public Services (Courier Service), Land Improvements and Developments (farms, irrigation systems, and roads/bridges), and other items such as Sewage disposal, Bath Houses, Schools, Hospitals, and Libraries. Our County is focused on providing these improvements to each Settlement within her borders, this does however come with the need for the community to work together to fulfill the needs of each Settlement and the County as a whole - by doing this we help our Duchy which in turn supplies the army to keep our Kingdom strong and well prepared for battle should it strike!

Public School System: Whitetail Academic College

A Community College of sorts, this is where all free-use crafting workstations as well as other training or crafting equipment and personnel. All classes, and general admission is paid for by the County.

University of Halvmåne; Technological Advancement & Research

These high ranking citizens won't be required to live within the capital, depending on their role they will always need to be in contact with the Barons and Mayors to ensure that any tasks needing to be carried out are properly explained and assigned to those who best fit the qualifications to ensure that it is completed without a hitch.

Sacred Sanatorium of Luna

The largest hospital in Halvmåne; the different medical branches and research centers are named after the beloved of our ancestors and fallen brethren.

Lucretia C. Financial Institute

Honorary banking institute housed within the Capital; Nattehimmel. May double as a Guild for services outside the County.

The Honorable Crosson Military Academy

Honorary military academy housed within the Barony of Caraway.

Waning Moon, School of Druidry

A school teaching the ways of a Druid; ranged and melee combat, hunting, field dressing, and other such skills.