Everlasting Kingdom of Cernunnos - Chronicles of Elyria

The Everlasting Kingdom of Cernunnos

Cernunnos; The Horned God of the hunt, fertility, warriors, nature, commerce, love, all living creatures and the underworld.

The opportunity to run a Kingdom where I would otherwise not afford one through monetary means or even through in-game means without added time, resources, and a following to back such a cause. If you’ve ever read my County thread, spoken to me and heard of my views about running a community I implore you to consider sending me your tokens to help kickstart this (potentially) once in a “lifetime” opportunity to create a Kingdom from the ground up with the assistance of the great people at SBS.

I cannot make promises, I can only tell you that I am a community oriented person, I like to see people grow in their interests, I try my best to make everyone feel welcomed and included in a community, I do not tolerate petty acts or malicious intent to breakdown a person on a personal level - if it happens in-game to further yourself by all means it’s a FFA.

My main goal here is to have fun in a groundbreaking MMO that we’re all anticipating and if I can have the chance to run my own Kingdom; to develop and draw attention to the game in the process - Win or Lose, I’d have enjoyed myself even being considered a candidate!

DISCLAIMER: If you truly believe I’d make a good ruler please send all tokens to LunaGore on the forums, please do not send any tokens to my main account unless they’re Guild or Villager Tokens. Also, consider most of my ideals, policies, and name conversions can be seen in my County thread. Not everything I use with my County will be copied over but a significant amount will be used within the Kingdom.
Discord Name: Awenita Whitetail, Countess#4933

Foreign Diplomacy

During my reign as Queen I will make it a habit to visit other Kingdoms and speak personally with each Ruler. We do not have allies at the moment and we're not openly seeking any until the game has begun and we've settled into our own. We'll remain neutral until provoked - whether directly or indirectly, we will not meddle in the disagreements of other Kingdom's and will only intervene if they pose a threat to the general well being to all Elyrians and her creatures.

The Three Ideologies


The identity of the people of Cernunnos, together we will build a community that we’ll look forward to logging into and greeting each day. Drama, conflict, and headbutting is inevitable but it will only fester and corrupt if you allow it. Like any existing Kingdom there will be basic rules that need to be followed to minimize such conflict and in-fighting to foster growth and teamwork.


All great nations backed a moral code, a God. We follow the Two-Fold Queen, Order and Chaos must coexist, in balance, with one another - where there is Life there must be Death, Rich and Poor, and other necessary evils. With this in mind I openly welcome deviants of all arts, aspirations, and walks of life - we will not enable you but our Queen will rightfully reward you for your deeds.


Research into furthering the community's knowledge and improvement of blueprints from the mundane to the complexities of war-born discoveries that are the deciding factor behind winning the battle, or the war. We focus largely on uncovering, refining, and perfecting each blueprint that develops the infrastructure and backbone of our Everlasting Kingdom.

Establishment of Government

The inner workings of the Kingdom will be ran by a council of sorts with an Advisor and their Assistant(s). As a whole there will be a "Council of the Crown" made by the Duke's and other appointed figures who will be the final word (vote) on Policies issued by a point system, the Duke's each having at least 1 point and the Crown 2 points. Regardless of this point by system the Crown has the final say when it comes to certain tasks where the Council cannot come to an agreement.

  • Emissary of the Crown - Direct voice of the Crown. Only necessary when the Crown cannot be present during the delivery of an urgent message, otherwise this position is more of a Royal scribe/courier.
  • Domestic Advisor - Gathers information from each Duke about their Counties and below, internal diplomacy, food stock, materials, etc.
  • Foreign Advisor - Speaks with Guilds, Schools, and Kingdoms on trade agreements, conflicts/war, shrinkage/expansion, etc.
  • Military Advisor - Assistant to Dukes, one or more can be assigned per Duke depending on size of the Army or specific tasks the Duke handles.
  • Science/Tech Advisor - In charge of all advancements discovered within the Kingdom, as well as pushing for new discoveries, explorations, etc.
  • General Education Advisor - Like the Dept. Of Education in most Countries they are in control of "Public" school systems ran throughout the Kingdom. No domain is required to have a school but any that wishes to possess one will speak directly to this team, and the studies will be based on what that domain is known for in terms of crafts and exports.
  • Union of the Vassals - A body of Elder's from Villages and below that do not have a Mayor or Baron to speak on their behalf.

Guilds, Associations, and More!

I will try my best to create as many opportunities for people to work in a specific field by creating such Guilds, Associations, Schools, Hospitals, etc for them to be employed and manage with little intervention from the Crown.